Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Looking back to last year's Edcamp...

Wondering what you have to look forward to at Edcamp? Checkout our sponsor page from 2015.  There you'll see a glimpse of what the freebies are like! Then, take a look at a few memories from our first Edcamp in 2015:

Thank you to Starbucks for sponsoring us!

Makerspace with Makey Makey Toys!
Yes, dancing was involved!

Makerspace with Mega Blocks Poetry -Fun!

Coloring in the Makerspace - great for students AND teachers!

Learning from each other around topics of mutual interest...

Learning to use new tools and skills to use with students.
Everyone had fun with the Osmo in our Makerspace! 

We gave away over 70 prizes!  

Small groups or large - doesn't matter.
At Edcamp we collaborate and learn from each other at our own level and pace.

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