Saturday, May 9, 2015

Welcome to the Official Edcamp Southeast/South Central Kentucky Blog!

After months of planning, I am so exited to welcome you to the site and invite you to attend the first Edcamp Southeast/South Central Kentucky July 22, 2015.

As a teacher, I am often disappointed with professional learning experiences because while they are created by good intentioned professionals, they often miss the mark in terms of my needs as a teacher.  Too many are "sit and get" format with the sessions arranged ahead of time based on someone else's needs or interests.  Too often the materials are shelved and forgotten because I didn't have time to work with them in the moment.

If you've had the opportunity to be in on workshops that allow you to connect, collaborate, and work based on your needs, you know how revolutionary the right kind of professional development can be.  Enter Edcamp. 

Edcamp is a FREE unconference model with an agenda set for, by and about the needs of the attendees - not months ahead - in real time with teachers leading. Never heard of Edcamp?  See the video below and other information here on our site to learn more.  Better yet,  join us in July.

To register, see our Event Brite link for Edcamp SESC Kentucky (to the right) and follow us on Twitter to keep up with the latest announcements leading up to the big event. 

Hope to see you there.


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